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All the benefits of engaging a real estate agent - at a lower cost! Save $1,000's!!

List your home with us for half the cost of a sellers agent!

Do you want to…

  • Avoid paying hefty commissions?

  • Get sound real estate advice on your listing and asking price?




Then we’re probably a perfect fit.

Sell Your House at Half the Cost while receiving the full service of an Experienced Real Estate Agent! Don't sell your home and end up giving away thousands of dollars on a commission! 

When you hire us, you get ALL the services of an experienced real estate agent and you save money in the process!

Compare us to other agents:


How much money can you save? Instead of working for a 3% commission, we charge a low 1.5% commission, and you save the difference. For example, if you sell your home for $700,000, you’ll save $10,500 when compared to a traditional 3% listing agent! These rebates are only applicable for homes sold for $300k or more.  

Compare our fee to traditional commission fees:

Our clients are savvy. They know they need to list their home on the MLS to get maximum exposure and top dollar. And, they know how important it is to have good representation, a well-written MLS listing and high definition photos. But, they don’t want to pay excessive commissions. We are serving the next generation of home sellers by providing these services for a cost effective reduced fee. When you’re ready to sell, we’re ready to help. Our fee includes everything below:

  • In-Home Consultation for advice on preparing your home for market;

  • Professional high definition photography;

  • Listing on the MLS. We are a member of and will publish your listing on the MLS which sends it to all the brokerage websites.  We also send it to consumer websites like Zillow and Trulia so your listing appears everywhere buyers are looking.  You will need to offer a commission to incentivize buyers’ agents to show the home.  Typically it’s 3% of the sales price.

  • Syndication of your listing to other real estate related websites like Zillow and Trulia;

  • Market analysis to help you set your asking price;

  • A professional  “For Sale” yard sign; We will have a professionally designed “for sale” sign installed in your yard.

  • An electronic keybox so agents can show your home without you present; We will provide an MLS keybox so that brokers and their buyers can access the property for showings.     

  • A public open house on the weekend: We will host a public open house that first weekend and we’ll host more at our hourly rate.

  • Contract drafting and negotiation; and

  • We will field calls from agents, review all offers, and make sure the contract protects your interests.

  • Super-responsive, practical service (See our Testimonials).

  • Sell and Save! When your home closes our low fee will be paid through escrow and you will have saved a bundle on commissions!