Common Questions

Buyer questions

Do you give home tours?

Yes. For buyers receiving 1% cashback ( pre-owned homes) includes 10 home tours.

Yes. For buyers receiving 2.0% cashback ( new construction) includes 5 home tours.

How does the buying process work in general?

Click here for a the buyer guide for information on how a typical transaction flows and what to expect throughout this process.

How do I get started?

Call us at 832-367-6701, or email us at, or fill out our contact form.

Do I get personal attention?

Absolutely. We offer virtually the same service and access as a traditional agent. See our buyer and seller pages for more information.

Seller questions

I’m a seller – how much money will I save?

A lot. The typical commission charged by a “full service” listing broker is 3% of the sale price.  When you work with us, instead of paying that commission, we charge a low fee of 1.5% and you save the difference! On a home worth $700,000, you will save $10,500

Of course, there are cheaper ways to list on the MLS – as low as $500 – but you won’t get the services we provide either.  Go ahead and compare us to the competition.  We offer an affordable price for the most essential services you need and expect when selling your home*

How much extra work do I need to do to sell my home if we list with you?

Very little. We provide all of the same services as a traditional agent, the difference is how we charge for those services. Our low fee includes a specific set of services which are included. If a seller wants something beyond those set services we can do it at an a pre-negotiated additional cost.  If it’s something purchased from a third party vendor (like a professional video of the house), we do it at cost and never mark anything up.

There are a couple of notable differences with us.  One is that we don’t come out to see the house or do a market analysis until after we’ve been engaged. This is for efficiency purposes so we don’t spend significant time on clients that never hire us.

I want to sell my house – what does your fee cover?

Everything a savvy seller needs including professional high definition photography, consultation on getting your home ready for market, market analysis and advice on pricing strategy, “For sale” yard sign, Supra key box and an open house. See our seller page for more details.

Do I have to pay a commission to the Buyer’s agent?

Commissions are always negotiable and you do not have to offer a commission to the buyer’s agent if you don’t want to. That said, we usually recommend offering  3% so that agents are fully incentivized to show and sell the home.  You are free to offer less but understand that at some point it may be counterproductive.  Offering less presents the risk that some agents will avoid showing the listing or will encourage their clients to pursue a different property instead.  There’s also the reality that it’s helpful to incentivize the buyer’s agent to keep their clients focused and on track as we work through inspection, appraisal, underwriting, and other matters.  Offering a low commission can risk diminishing that incentive.

How does the selling process work in general?

Click here for a the seller guide for information on how a typical transaction flows and what to expect throughout this process.